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A message from us

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As performing musicians and music educators, we believe appreciation for music is achieved through exploring and understanding the world of music. We aim to lead a journey of musical discovery filled with fun, imagination and inspiration. Our teachers guide students through the fundamentals of music and assist them with building musical skills. Through cultivating student’s interest in music, we hope to pass on the idea that music transcends time, words and cultural boundaries.

Our Studio offers piano and violin lessons. Taking these music lessons will allow you to discover your inner harmony. Our teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of music. We will encourage your music journey by serving as a bridge that connects great teachers to the homes of music lovers.

Our goal is to create and offer world-class inclusive and multilingual music lessons that help children  find their inner harmony, and develop interpersonal and problem solving skills. As our own experiences have taught us, music not only has the power to enhance the bond between children and their parents, but also builds a strong relationship between children and their community -   a community where music is the language that transcends time, language and cultural barriers. 

- Jiashu & Katherine

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