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Things Piano Teachers Wish You Knew

To students:

  • Hard work out paces natural talent. Even when you are talented, you still need hard work. In the long run, skills are cultivated through practicing.

  • Calming your nerves is a skill - breathe slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes to lower your heart rate and absorb more oxygen. You will feel focused and settled.

  • Set you hand position first, then trust that your hands are in the correct place.

  • Remember to breathe when you play! The brain needs oxygen to perform.

  • Enjoy your time with the piece you are learning. Musicians learned it before you, and others will learn and perform it after you.This is your time - find your sound.

  • Follow the small markings left by the composer. They will help you understand the music better!

  • Give your best when practicing. Know what time of day works best for your practice.

  • Practicing is learning that you are capable of giving more, even when you feel like quitting. Remember to have faith in your perseverance.

  • Teachers are more patient than many realize.

  • It’s good to listen to all types of music.

To parents:

  • Music is a way for children to communicate and express themselves.

  • Participate in your children's practicing - let them know you care about their piano studies!

  • Help your children make a practice plan - it's a great way to learn time management as well!

  • Trust the teacher.

  • Be your children's cheerleader - learning an instrument is challenging.

  • Listen to music with your children.

  • Take your children to an orchestra concert.

  • Children enjoy being teachers - ask your children to be your piano teacher once in a while!

  • Play different genres of music at home.

  • Sing with your children!

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